Stealth SURVIVAL BUg OuT MOUNTAIN PREPPER BOV Bikepacking BIKE with mods Project 2 Phase 2 vehicle-Almost a fat bike, I’m building this for stealth camping, emergency evacuation, Survival, SHTF scenarios, and simple leisurely camping/enjoyment as you’ll see in my mountain bike exploration adventure videos in the future.
You may have seen this desert BOV (Bug Out Vehicle) in a couple of my videos. It’s another bike that I’ve modified into a custom evacuation/escape situation as well as just simply going out and camping off it…
More about bugout bike vehicles and the benefits…You can pack a fold up bicycle in your car for emergencies.

While preppers have elaborate schemes to bug out with vehicles ranging from simple trucks, vans and ATVs to school buses and to even amphibious boats, these preppers often fail to prepare for an escape from their car, van, bus, truck or SUV. Ultimately, survival could just depend on a bug out bicycle. If you must abandon your home or place of work (or bug out directly from your vehicle), then it would be a good idea to make an alternate plan of escaping with a well equipped bike.

You’ll need a bugout bike for leading out/detouring around roads should they be blocked with debris, traffic, flood or fire, or any other obstacles. Should you run out of power for your vehicle you could take your bug out bike out of the back of the cargo compartment, truck bed, rack, etc; or, should your car fail to start due to mechanical difficulties; or, an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) happen on earth and ALL cars fail; or, should you want to escape to the safety of a road that eludes the path less traveled.

The military has included bikes in their strategy, and you should as well. Jim Fitzpatrick makes the point about how a military cyclist can carry a bike over fences or around rugged terrain, push it through mud or sand, float it through water, and use it to transport over bulky loads. Bikes had a rocky start in gaining acceptance as a tool. Learn more his approach to a military bicyle, in his book, “The Bicycle in Wartime.”
Having a bike ready to go is a nice utility to have in a bug out/evacuation situation. Maybe you can fit one into your plan somewhere along the line. Maybe you’ve got a truck loaded out to get you to point A and to get deeper to point B a bicycle is just what you need.

Also being fond of enduro motorcycles, the idea of an enduro or a Rokon motorcycle is just good, even Dave Canterbury bought himself an AWD (two wheel drive) Rokon to get around on his land. The problem for the common man is that unless you have fuel caches set up, you won’t find fuel out in the woods or deserts and when you’re out of gas the motorcycle renders useless. Although it will go just about anywhere, carry more gear and supplies than a bicycle, and a motorcycle will get you to your bug out destination fast, no doubt about that. And a motorcyle will get even a person who’s out of shape to places and they can just ride and throttle their way to their bug out location.
So it all comes down to you determining what’s going to work for you in your plan and environment. Having a utility bicycle as a BOV (Bug Out Vehicle) is just another option to seriously consider. Bicycle trailers: If you need to carry more gear than what your bicycle can handle, there’s always the option of adding/building a custom DIY homemade bicycle trailer. A bicycle trailer will have it pros and cons of course. Yes, you’ll be able to carry more gear, but what exactly would that be? food? that you eat and then are left with an empty bicycle trailer you have no use for? I don’t know. You’ll have to drag that trailer around with you everywhere you go and you won’t be able to hop a bus if you need to.  If you’re going to go with a bike trailer my suggestion is build a single wheel trailer; the child type bicycle trailers you see with two wheels are really going to be a hindrance should you have to go onto rough trails. In fact, you’d probably end up having to leave your trailer behind. And I can’t imagine how much of a hassle it would be to have to haul your bike and a dual wheeled bike trailer up a steep hill or through thick grass, brush, mud, what have you.


4 thoughts on “Update to Stealth BOV (Bug Out Vehicle) Survival Bike/Bicycle Project 2-Phase 2

    1. No no, now THAT’s a very nice post. I appreciate you taking the time to write here. I’m still working on dialing in the settings; if there’s anything you think I could do to make it more user friendly, please let me know.
      Taker easy,


    1. Hello. I painted the handlebar desert tan just with a krylon camo paint and the bags I pretty much had laying around. Some of them I got off ebay, that’s a good place to get military grade gear BTW. Look for package deals, I’ve found that’s the best way to go for military gear, cheaper than surplus stores. Hope that helps and thanks for the compliment.


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