This could be a good one to know because all the materials are easily found and the only tool you’ll need is your knife.


The Paiute Deadfall is my favorite of the deadfall traps because of its high sensitivity…

Make the Paiute Deadfall trap large, the bigger the better. The smaller the components the more easily it is to set the trap off by rats, mice, etc. investigating the trap smelling the sticks, and that will set it off before they get under it. So the larger you make the trap and respectively the components, the better.  But keep the bait stick thin or small in diameter.

To me, the ideal size for the the rock on deadfall traps would be 1 foot x 18inches x 3 or more inches thick; that being a good enough weight for a rabbit, squirell, and need I say it, a large rodent. Now I don’t plan to eat rodents anytime soon, but maybe some bankers, lawyers and politicians could get busy on munching a few of them down and that I’d like to see 🙂

The Yucca plants are all excellent for making cordage or as in this case, I didn’t need to braid it into cordage, I just used a piece like a ribbon in place of the string you’d normally see used in the Paiute Deadfall Trap.

Have fun building the Paiute Deadfall Trap!

and please excuse my bad pronunciation of the word “Paiute” , there’s paiute, the trap, and peyote, the cactus used to make the mescaline, a psychoactive drug.


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