in an effort to make a very affordable bicycle pannier I decided to try coating some military sustainment pouches, made from denier cordura, using Plasti-Dip spray…see how they turned out…


2 thoughts on “DIY waterproofing/weatherproofing USGI Denier Cordura Gear & Equipment-MOLLE Sustainment Pouches

  1. I was thinking of doing something similar to my MP3 Polish Military gas mask bag, I use the bag as my hunting bag but its made of canvas and very water sensitive. I have an extra bag like my regular (as I purchased several) that I could make the sacrifice of trying a coating like this with one of these bags.
    Well, maybe not GREAT, but it could save your life one day.

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    1. That’s a great thing to own right there. That’s something I’m not prepared for is having to travel through poisonous air. I just checked those out and the bags that go to them and I think you’d be alright to coat it with Plasti-Dip. I’ve put my bags that I coated over the past 20 days, rain, sun, freezing temps at night, which once again are Denier Cordura, and so far I’m glad I made the move to coat them. Only time will tell after a couple years or more if the coating will hold up, but so far it’s looking good.


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