Protective shell bivy bags can be rather expensive; so I decided to make my own DIY bivi by using a piece of 9 x 6′ Tyvek.

The instructional video tutorial will show you the steps I took along the way and a way that youcan make your own DIY bivi bag system.

The bivi bag outer shell will protect you from the elements and keep out the snakes, scorpions, spiders and mosquitos. At the same time, the bivi bag will keep you a few degrees warmer. The bivi bag system should be an essential part of your camping/survival kit.

I added a foot box so more warm air stays inside the bag for longer. Also added will be a sealable closure system and mosquito net.

The bag is water resistant or weatherproof to a point, but not built for heavy rainfall all by itself. This design is intended to be used underneath a tarp or poncho, so the tarp or poncho will take the brunt of the heavy rain or torrential downpours.

Total invested: $17 USD
Weight: 1/2 pound


3 thoughts on “DIY Bivy Bag made from Tyvek w/footbox – Instructional video- not for the short winded

  1. Tyvek is good stuff. It can save you from a lot of unhappiness. I see the guards in our state pens wearing full Tyvek suits to keep the feces, urine, and spit off them. The inmates are NOT nice people. In our county jail, we just have our uniforms and learn to duck quickly.


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