A tip on how to make your own DIY flashlight holder from your old elastic headlamp headbands/straps~Never buy another headlamp again! Recycle your old headlight strapping and make a simple modification, it’s FREE!
I generally carry or “EDC” two small flashlights similar in size to that of pen lights, a 4 sevens mini at around 180 lumens and less powerful Fenix EO1, one is a backup to the other, and that system has worked great for me for a long time, but I was wanting to have the “headlamp” option, because it is very practical to wear a headlamp for doing camp chores, working, etc.
I couldn’t see spending $30-50 and adding a third irregular shaped flashlight into the mix that would be a designated headlamp only, and that I wouldn’t be using very often anyways. It would just be another piece of gear that would take up space in my pack and add that much more weight.  It wasn’t necessary.

Wouldn’t you rather use one of your flashlights you carry every day anyways, as a headlamp when the time comes to needing that hands free light in front of you?

Save your money, salvage and MAKE YOUR OWN HEADLAMP!

how to make your own headlamp/flashlight holder
make your own headlamp from recycled headbands

Today’s modern flashlights are so compact, yet so powerful, they provide plenty of power/lumens for a headlamp, probably more than you’ll ever need for illuminating your nightly tasks.

The conservative answer is simple: save and recycle/salvage your old elastic headbands/strapping and make a simple modification to the strap that will enable it to hold your modern flashlights and wear them on your head.

Tip: You can even sew elastic stretchband loop holders (as shown in the video) onto the main headstrap, so that a headlamp could be worn on each side of your head, and you can also sew them on at an angle, say a 45 degree angle, so they aim the light downwards in front of you. And if you have one of the types of headstraps that goes over the very top of your head, the 3 strap type, you could sew a loop on the top strap and have a flashlight mounted on the very top of your head if you prefer to wear it there.

In the video I show up close the modification you want to make so you can make your own DIY headband flashlight holder/mount. I also show a bonus discovery I figured out to a recycled/salvaged Mentos can that renders it useful as a storage case/container for your new modified headlamp strap; your new headband strap will fit nicely into the recycled Mentos can!

headband flashlight holder modification

You can now easily EDC a headlamp strap, keep it in your pocket, your hiking gear, bug out bag/backpack, car glove box, purse, you name it…and when you need it, simply insert one of your small modern flashlights, even your pen lights, into a holder loop that you’ve now sewn onto the main headstrap…all without spending a dime if you happen to have some old elastic headstraps laying around.


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