continuing on with my 10 day 32 mile stealth camping adventure,I stopped by to build a camp at a spot I had noticed coming into the valley. I tried to remain out of view again by positioning a stealth camp on the steep mountain side. I used the same digging stick I made earlier (episode 3.) I give you several views and explain my perspective of positioning of my camps so you can get a good idea of what’s going on in the videos…
In this video, I end up digging out a ledge on the side of the mountain so I can lay down my bivy bag on level ground. The Tyvek bivy isn’t camoflauge, but I had plenty of overhead coverage from the trees and was up high enough to not be spotted. I stayed in this spot for 3 nights and had no need for the overhead protection my tarp would provide; my DIY bivy was enough to stay warm and sleep comfortable.
Also, meet Henry


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