Early arrival tour of my campsite/lab – setup plastic tarp in diamond pattern over hammock to catch rain at the back corner – system allows for standing room and head clearance…
This was setup mid spring in a thick forest area closer to the top of a hill for flood safety. Provides wind protection from the surrounding foliage and will provide ample amount of shade in the coming summer months – should be breezy as well.

Nearby my camp is a mini green house area of a forest garden I am growing this year. I have a route that goes along several locations…

I have improvements to make to the camp as you will see the flooring area developes mud puddles with heavy rain…


how to make a single pole survival backpacking tarp tipi wikiup image


One thought on “mini Camp Tour “A Beginning” 10 x 10′ plastic tarp diamond canopy rain catch system over Hammock

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