You’ll see me building the first shelf that will hold my rain water container up higher off the ground to allow for unattended drainage though the sawyer mini water filter I use along with my own DIY carbon filter I made…

Sometimes when I set up camp, I cannot find a place to set something up high off the ground. This was the case as you’ll see in the video where I bushcraft a more comfortable improvement to my camp by building a shelf to set a 5 gallon water container that I collect rain water in off my tarp system… (I talk about the tarp rain water catch system in this video

This is the first stage of the shelf system. I plan to add on to it more things such as a cabinet and bookshelf…

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More about Cedar Trees…
The Cedar Trees in the area are the dominant tree. The faster growing Cedars grow next to more rare trees such as Elms and even Oaks absorbing the natural organic soil and robbing the other tree types of their potential to reach a full mature healthy state. The cedars do need to be thinned out, but there simply is not enough being done about this. The Cedar tree you see being built upon and notched into (which isn’t enough to kill the tree anyways) had reached its full growth potential probably within the past five years due to roots running into rocks in the ground, or simply poor root development, so that particular tree is on its way out and in a decaying stage.


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