Watch me build a wood Custom Shelf System around a tree using my knife, pocket saw, jute twine for cordage and occasionally my little tape measure.

There are times when I set up a new camp in the forest and I don’t have any place to set things on -no rocks to be used for shelves, nothing. And having to stoop over to pick things up off the ground is just a little too primitive for my camping style and hard the back.

So in these situations I will custom build shelves, tables, cabinets, counter tops, etc. similar to what you might see in a tree house.

I can then have the creature comfort to set my gear, personal items, various equipment, upon. Probably the most important thing for me is getting my harvested rain water container high enough up off the ground so I can filter water through my Sawyer Mini and DIY carbon filter unattended.

This is the second stage of the tree shelf project. I will be adding more to it such as a higher shelf, sides and enclosing it with a storm door.


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