Using primitive skills and modern technology I build a shelf/cabinet system around a tree at my campsite for added comfort. I built this using modern tools such as a knife, saw, tape measure, and makeshift plumb bob…

This is part 3 of 3…
part 1 –
part 2 –

At this particular campsite I had no place to set anything on, no rocks, ledges, nothing… until now…It is a nice creature comfort to have something around chest height to set gear, equipment, tools, books, and personal items on. So for this situation I built a shelving system around a tree. This gives me about four square feet of surface area counting the top and bottom shelf. I think technically this would be considered a cabinet if I added a door, but I don’t need a door really. The opening is facing inside away from the elements and is keeping things dry, even during storms. I will be doing a final overwrap over the more critical joints with #14 tarred bank line later.

To give you more of an idea of the camp scene the tree/post I built around is on the edge of my tarp right next to my hammock. The tarp shelter is a 10 x10 piece of heavy plastic sheeting. I have the tarp pitched at an angle and in a diamond formation so it will accomplish 4 things: give me shade, allow me to stand up and walk around underneath with full head clearance, provide rain coverage, and catch/drain rain water to the back corner where I have a 5 gallon container ready to catch the rain water. Once the container is full of harvested rain water, I place it on the protruding shelf I built (watch the other two videos for demonstrations of this)… I then hook up my Sawyer Mini water filter and let gravity drip filter through the Sawyer Mini and the attached DIY activated carbon filter I made. This makes things much easier than doing the squeeze technique because the filter system will go through about five gallons in about two days, filtering unattended. I just periodically check to see if the containers are full and change them out. I will do other camp chores or some cooking while the filtering process is taking place.

Some people have mentioned I should build a tree house and I have had something like that in mind …

Patrick’s Bushcraft


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