The Skivvy Roll Pack Is The Ultimate Bugout Must Have

The Marines have nailed down the ultimate method for efficient packing…and it’s called the skivvy roll pack. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a pack of essential clothing: a shirt, underwear and pair of socks, all rolled up into a “clothing pill”. It’s one of the better ways to pack efficiently, but it’s not only for those in the Armed Forces. Skivvy roll packs are perfect for bug out bags or simply for camping trips.

In just a few seconds, you too can prepare your very own skivvy roll pack to toss in your backpack/bag and head out. Check out the simple tutorial below.

The Skivvy Roll Pack Is The Efficient Way To Pack

Step 1: Place underwear on shirt. Grab the shirt of your choice and put it on flat ground, with the front facing upward. Put your underwear—folded in half—on the top half of the shirt, right underneath the collar, directly in the middle.

Skivvy Roll Pack

Step 2: Fold shirt. Fold the shirt in right at the shoulders. The underwear should not be visible.

Skivvy Roll Pack

Step 3: Arrange socks on shirt. Place your socks one on top of the other, with the heel facing upward and the toe facing downward. Put them towards the top of the shirt, but leave some space.

Skivvy Roll Pack

Step 4: Fold shirt. Grab the top of the shirt and roll it down with the socks in place.

Skivvy Roll Pack

Roll the entire shirt up.

Skivvy Roll Pack

Step 5: Slide socks over roll. Grab a sock and roll it over half of the shirt.

Skivvy Roll Pack

Do the same with the other sock and your skivvy roll pack is now done! Toss it in your backpack and you’re ready to go!

Skivvy Roll Pack





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