4 thoughts on “High Reach Extended Arm Tip Toe Knot Tying Tip – Crossbar to barked Tree

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Good. Have done similar on my uncle’s tugboat to set lines and running gear to clean. Suggest the initial knot be a Figure-9 knot. Stong. Reliable. When a wooden pole is used, because metal pipe was not available, run a line along the length of the pole, then simple wind line over that running line to spin several spirals about a foot apart. If the pole breaks, the running line is a safety. The spirals keep the pole pretty much in place, so that nothing will go crashing to the deck. I also set lines with a fid and hawser to make bundles of sheepshanks. Good post. Brought back some nice, and at times splintery, memories.


    1. Glad to have brought back those memories my friend. My old man was a certified arborist back in his day. The couple of times I helped him on jobs I picked up a few things.
      I would like to see your knot tied though, that sounds good.
      Thanks for chiming in and thank you for sharing my posts, really appreciate it.
      Take care of you and your family.

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