Do you enjoy reading and watching outdoor type videos or articles regularly?

There’s so many people out there today uploading content that it’s become overwhelming…

Being an avid camper myself and spending a lot of time on the Internet doing research, I’m frequently coming across videos, articles, etc. that I really like and think could be beneficial to people, so I thought I’d share them here.  I’ll be posting here frequently…

The content niche or genre:

Bushcraft or Woodcraft in the Forest and further knowledge development from doing outdoor research.  Ranging in subjects such as water filtration and camping shelter systems to real life experiences during hiking trips – camping and backpacking expeditions.  Many tips and DiY gear modifications you will also find here…

So follow and (subscribe to have new posts emailed to you) if you like…

Take a look inside the many categories to see if there’s something specific you like…and enjoy! Note: I’m currently researching in the central US but you’ll find stuff posted here from around the globe…

patricks bushcraft and outdoor research image

I first created the Youtube channel and website “Patrick’s Bushcraft” in November 2014.  In March 2017 I added to the name :”Patrick’s Bushcraft and Outdoor Research”

patricks bushcraft patreon pledge

I am not a government or corporate funded creator and I do have a Patreon account where you can help support these efforts…

Any help you can offer is very much appreciated and goes into further research and better quality video production. I have the ideas, just not so much the funds…

…here’s something that may interest you…

Learn how to make your own tarp clips in the field when you need them from free available branches…

make your own wood tarp clips from branches image







7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello. I’m not selling the stoves at the moment. I’m going to be taking off this weekend for a journey on my bike across the Southwest US. I’ll be adding a side vlog to my channel to document it. Hope you join me and thanks for your interests,


  2. Hello,
    I generally keep a windscreen around alcohol stoves, unless it’s just dead calm and no wind.
    I was selling these but haven’t had time to make any, so I stopped advertising them. I have about 5 left if you’re interested in buying one.


  3. quiero hacer una de esas estufas pero no se que pegante usaste me das el nombre del pegante??(hice este comentario en español por que creo que google lo traducira)


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