emergency flotation rescue ideas

Some ideas for emergency flotation devices…

We can be careful people, but we cannot control every situation.  People around us make mistakes that effect our well being and you never know when this can happen. Of course there are other things at play in this world; natural, Godly forces, such as weather, that mankind has absolutely no control over... The idea … Continue reading Some ideas for emergency flotation devices…

Cebu Highlands Trail: The First Long-Distance Hiking Trail in the Visayas

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the following is an article regarding a man who was determined to build a trail in a difficult location, read more below…

Adrenaline Romance

Cebu Highlands Trail

One of the greatest wishes of any outdoorsman is to walk thousands of miles and witness breathtaking vistas on the Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail, the Great Continental Divide trail, and other long-distance trails. For many, such an undertaking is the Holy Grail of hikes, the ultimate challenge, the grandest dream, or the best way for self-discovery and healing. Unfortunately, for those who are living on the other side of the world from these beautiful trails, such an endeavor may remain to be a dream.

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Creative Tip on Cooling Down During Extreme Heat Dog Days of Summer

Here's a couple of tips/techniques and a unique piece of gear I use to help stay cool and chill out during the hot dog days of summer and beat the heat...one being a creative misting system I came up with that conserves my water rations as well, another being the common technique of wetting down … Continue reading Creative Tip on Cooling Down During Extreme Heat Dog Days of Summer